The Italian company A.C.E. srl presents ECOLIBRI’

The “Wind Energy” innovation for your home and your company

Ecolibrì is born from a management with thirty-year experience in the field of ‘electro-mechanical and electronics, which is specialized in the production of wire harnesses as well as the design and manufacturing of industrial automation.
The project began in January 2011, by the desire to develop a space-saving resource of clean and renewable energy. Thus was born the idea of designing a generator, suitable to the demands that emerge from the international market.
At that moment appeared the first wind engines 3/5 KW.
At the University Politecnico of Milan we did and we’ll continue to perform a series of tests in the wind tunnel for simulations and other tests carried out by us so far with excellent results.
Availing of specialists for the aerodynamic and structure, we realized the first sail and built the moulds and prototypes for the field testing.
From all this experiences and testing ECOLIBRI’, a vertical micro wind generator, is born.

The mini wind generator ECOLIBRI’ built from ACE has the following features:

Þ    constant function regardless the wind direction

Þ    low start-up speed and resistance to high wind speed

Þ    the low environmental impact

Þ    the extremely low noise

Þ    the easy installation and use

Þ    the adjustment of braking at high speed

On May 8, 2014 was inaugurated the installation of ECOLIBRI’ at our establishment A.C.E. srl and this innovative project has been also welcomed by the authorities of the public administration, which recognize ECOLIBRI’ as an important resource.